The Pranic Retreat (Splitpay) (POS Stap 2)

575.00 / month for 2 months with 1 month free trial and a 275.00 sign-up fee

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This retreat is the kick off for the necessary physical transformation to be able to receive Prana. This process will take a year, but some of us will be able to start living on Prana after 3 months. This depends on your emotional and spiritual state of being as well as the amount of Trust and willingness to fully Surrender into Source. 

But remember, whatever it is, everything is just perfect as it is. 

Some take longer to Trust and Surrender in and to Source and that is okay. But the more you do, the easier this Process is. 

Trust and Surrendering isn’t something that can come from the Mind. This comes from a recognition of Source. Therefore, the Source Experience is so important as you will experience something not comparable to anything you’ve probably experienced before. 

This retreat therefore, is for 30% of the time about letting go of your beliefs regarding food and 70% about Source Recognition and Source Experience.

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