1 Day Online Retreat


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During this 1 Day Online Retreat we’re going to work harder and deeper. 

Our Mind is the one thing standing in the way of experiencing our True Self. And it’s our Mind that needs to give up and surrender so we can go beyond ourselves. 

During the 1 Day Retreat we have more time together in one day. 

This 1 Day Online Retreat will help in:

  • Making your mind more confused so you can experience Love, Trust and Ease more deeply;
  • Truly understanding on a Soul Level what you are by listening to the Satsang I give;
  • Experience Source Energy as I am there with you in Real Time.

As you’ve done this Free Online 5 Day Workshop I want to offer you this 1 Day Online Retreat with a beautiful discount! 

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Workshop Dates

11 februari 2020
10 march 2020


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